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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why do you have to be so perfect? Oh right, I created you.

I am nearly half way through my book (word count wise anyway) and I have spent the mass majority of it writing about Lizabeth's relationship with Gabriel.  I have really enjoyed writing Gabriel's character, probably a little too much.

In all honesty I have now created my "perfect" mate in Gabriel.  He's protective, intelligent and completely devoted to Lizabeth.  Which are all the characteristics any girl could ask for in a mate.  As I've said in earlier posts there is a lot if me in Lizabeth therefore, when I write Lizabeth's emotions about Gabriel they are true to life (mine).

Unfortunately (well for me anyway), the story calls for Lizabeth to view Gabriel as her brother.  She cares deeply for him, but not in a romantic way, which is killing me.

I'm to the point in the story now where I have to write about Lizabeth's love interest.  The first couple of times I had to do this I found it very difficult.  I did such a good job making Gabriel my perfect male character that I couldn't write about Christian, in a romantic way, convincingly.

After some talks with an author friend, some soul searching and just writing through it I knew that the story required Lizabeth to fall in love with Christian.  It was the pivotal to the story.

Digging down into my emotions, there seems to be a lot of that while writing this book, (still working on making that a peacful process) I found what I needed to use to make Lizabeth's emotions for Christian believeable.  I can't wait to watch their relationship blossom in front of me as hers and Gabriel's did.

Write well,


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