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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Music as my Muse (ok not exactly, but I like alliteration)

I am continually surprised by what a journey this whole novel writing thing is turning into.  For one thing, I am reaffirming things about myself that I already knew and coming face to face with things that I may or may not like.

Let's tackle the reaffirming things I already know about myself first.  I am female, but not your traditional female I'd say.  I've never been a really emotional girl.  I like to stuff my emotions down like so many guys I know.  Maybe that's why I get along when them better.  I've always been a fighter not a lover. 

So, here I am writing a book that's very dependent upon the emotional relationships that Lizabeth has with the male characters in her story (hmm, figuring anything out yet).  As the narrator of the story she has a lot of me in her, so as I write about these two male characters I'm constantly pulling on relationships I've had in the past.  (rough at times for this emotionless girl)  Not to mention when I write about the male characters I have to jump in their heads too thinking about some relationships in the opposite.  Ug!  

Now, don't get me wrong I have not had a horrible, catastrophic life. The opposite in fact, I think I've weathered the storm of adolescence and early adulthood quite well, but of course everyone has had those relationships in their life that they know they messed up or those that you wish could have at least been given a shot.  Since I like to bury my emotions drudging all this up in order to write is not something that I enjoy doing.

Now comes the music part.  I have found, blessedly, that music allows me to travel through these more emotional parts of my book more comfortably.  Is it because I can put myself in the singer's shoes or because I feel like my experiences are validated through their lyrics?  I don't know the answer, but I am thrilled that Saving Abel and The Script have my back.  Thanks guys! (now play DTE this summer)

Write well!


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