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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So did you name your characters that way on purpose?

Ok, so I need to start this post with the fact that my mom is an intelligent, well read woman.  (Now hopefully she won't kill me when I tell this story.)

As an eager author I am thrilled to have anyone read my work, especially those who's opinions matter most.  So, when my mom agreed to read the first couple chapters of Blood Rivalry I was thrilled.

It seemed to take her awhile to to get back to me.  So long in fact that I was getting nervous that she didn't like it.  Finally on one trip to the ice cream parlor with my kids, she said that she had read the first 2 chapters.  She said that it was interesting and that she thought it was well written.  (Now, I figured this was high praise from her since paranormal romance novels are not her cup of tea).  The next comment however caught me off guard. 
     She said, "so, did you name your characters that way on purpose?"

Now, I tried not to laugh out loud because I know that she still views me as her little girl.  I can only imagine her trying to think of me as a well read, intelligent adult now working to be an author. 
     I replied, "of course," and went on to briefly explain my thoughts.      

If you've already read Blood Rivalry and understand the naming of Gabriel and Christian there's no need to continue reading this post.  If however you need further explanation behind the naming of my characters, then please read on.

Originally Gabriel was named Michael after the Archangel, but the more I wrote the more I thought he was not like Michael.  The Archangel Michael is the leader of God's army and Gabriel is not really a fighter, therefore that name just didn't fit him.  Upon further thinking and investigating, I realized that the Archangel Gabriel is the angel that ushers the human race into the next life after the Apocalypse.  What an "ah ha" moment as a writer.  My character Gabriel ushers Lizabeth into her next life after Thomas's death.  Ta da, Gabriel was renamed.

Christian was a lot easier to name from the beginning and his name never changed from the second I wrote it.  Christian is obviously derived from Christ.  In my book Christian sees himself as needing to save Lizabeth from Gabriel.  Although Lizabeth doesn't really need to be saved from Gabriel she welcomes his attention for other reasons.  Christian is the "savior" figure in the book, so he is named accordingly.

So, yes mom, to answer your question I did name my characters that way on purpose.  I hope that this helps clear up any future confusion on the matter! Love you!

Write Well,


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